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This is the home and realm of Simon Horus Phoenix, the reigning Emperor of Phoenecia, from where Phoenixes, and Simon's hybrid race, Phoenecians, the Unity of Phoenix and Demi-Human, arise from. Phoenecians are Lawfully, to neutrally good at birth.. However, a few have known to turn away from good, corrupting their Phoenix half. Simon himself is 15,002 years old, and currently holds the title of "Guardian of Light and Balance" which means if the forces of Darkness ever work to upset the balance of Nature, It becomes partially Simon's job to Undo their damage. He gives to others rather freely, healing, enhancing, even Resurrecting others for want of nothing but friendship in return. He occasionally gives gifts of enhanced weapons, or an ocasional spell to help others overcome the Darkness. He is married to Viskaya, a Tigerwere, Initially born a White Tiger, and magically changed into a beautiful lady. They bear one son, a White tiger with silvery Phoenix wings named Storm Susanoo Phoenix.

As of late, Simon was assasinated by his arch-nemeses, Leareth, who can be found in the Rogue's Gallery of the Castle Halls here. At one point, his Spirit was summoned to initially curse, then, after a change of heart by his summoner, Bless the Wedding between Rand Al`Tor and Rue of Arangoth. Shortly thereafter, his spirit abruptly vanished, nowhere to be found, not even in the Heavens, or in the Abyss. Since that time, Simon's wife, Viskaya and her three cubs, Snowcoat, MoonTyger, and DarkClaw left his castle to go search for any more of her kind, and to restart their lives elsewhere. Storm Susanoo Phoenix has grown over time, and now strands 6 feet tall, with the upright-standing body of a white tiger, and his silver Phoenix wings, inherited from his father, Simon. Storm seeks to follow in Simon's footsteps and become the next Guardian in his father's bloodline. He travels Arangoth, seeking out the people who knew his father, in hopes of learning more about one so special, who was taken so soon.

UPDATE: Simon has returned, more or less, but Not in the form anyone was expecting. Trapped beneath the cliffs east of Aran Keep by the curse of Queen Savannah of Arangoth, Simon's spirit has become tainted with anger and Betrayal. Unwittingly released by Poison Arsenica Hawthorne during the Wedding of Inferno Drachus and Lady Safire MoonBlayde, Simon captured a visiting Water Phoenix, Urial, sister of Oriana, and Sister-in-law to Kylus Dragonsbane. In a forced alliance, Simon, now addressed as Simon Wrath, seeks to follow the Directives of Queen Savannah, who feels AngelSin and BlkDragon stole "Her Land" from her, and built the Black Dragon Inn on the graves of her buried family. Only Time will tell how this unfortunate situation plays out.

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