The Crossroads

The many Pathways of Simon Horus Phoenix and his Compatriots

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Click here to see My Online Resume For those of you interested in my Background experience.

The Duran Duran Role Playing Game

The Black Dragon Inn in Arangoth.

The Official Highlander Homepage, There can be only One!

The Dragon Myst Inn Homepage

Labrynth T'Sarran's Home

The Nintendo and Nintendo Power Homepage

Boldt Castle in the 1000 Islands, a Singular Momument of a Man's Love for his Wife.

Small One's Stompin' Grounds.

The Midgar Tavern on IRC's Efnet, one of ArrowWing's Favorite Places.

The Ultimate Key to RPG's, a Well-Endowed Game Information site.

The Society for Creative Anachronism, the Ultimate Live RPG.

SCA Kingdom of Trimaris. All Hail their Majesties, Alain de Vieillechamps & Judith Maryse!

The Baronry of Wyvernwood, in the Kingdom of Trimaris. Health, Life, and Prosperity to their Highneses,Guiseppe Francesco da Borgia and Honorable Lady Rowen McBrighde!

NEON MANIA! Home of the Best Upcoming graphic screensavers!

Troll for Trout: An Up and Coming Pop/Alternative Band who sound Very cool! Don't be fooled by the name!

Need a Laugh? This is one of the Best places to see one!

John Taylor's Administration Page. My HTML Instructor

The Spruce Creek Class of 1990 Reunion Homepage

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