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Gallery of Phoenecian Members and Allies

Among the allies under Simon's command, his Closest is his wife, Viskaya... Born a white tiger, her tribe was slaughtered by hunters. She was critically wounded, but a mage saved her life, only to use her for far darker purposes. He intended to use Viskaya to breed a new race of super-soldiers, with the intelligence of humans, and the strength of the tigers. His magic changed Viskaya into a human form, also allowing her to shift between human and tiger. He also equipped her with a shadow-melding bracelet, allowing her to blend into, and control shadows around her. He seeded her to give birth to his desired race of soldiers, but she managed to escape, and find refuge first in RhyDin, then in Arangoth, where she lived a simple life with her 3 cubs: MoonTyger, SnowCoat, and DarkClaw. She met Simon through pure chance.. His Love for her paralleled his compassion for her situation, and Maried her without Question. They bore a single son, Storm Susanoo Phoenix. Viskaya has since left Phoenix Castle with MoonTyger, SnowCoat, and DarkClaw, following the death of Simon.. Storm remains to follow in his Father's footsteps, and restore the Honor of the Phoenecian Race.

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Other include his General and Mentor, Lord Anubis Thunderman, Guardian of the Bloodline. Anubis Thunderman and his family have protected Simon's Family for many Millenia. Anubis himself is over 400,000 years old, yet prefers Simon take the Empire's Throne as he should by right. He stands over 7 feet tall, with 4 Powerful, Muscular arms, Onyx black wings sprouting from his back. He prefers Samurai armor for its mobility.

A recent addition to the forces are the Phoenix Dragons. Built during the Asyri vs. Arangoth war to aid Simon in helping rescue the Queen of Arangoth. The Phoenix Dragons appear as a gryphon-like blend of Phoenix and Dragon. The bodies of Dragons, covered in Feathers, the head having a long, serrated beak instead of jaws... What makes them unique, is the bodies seen are purely Mechanical... a Phoenix within each provides power and life.

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The six in Action are:

Titanus, who is Married to Mystify, and Father of Aaryanna Drachus, and newborn twins, Taran and Caitlyn Drachus. The first Phoenix Dragon built, he retains the basic features.. His tail shoots bolts of lightning at will, his feathers a shiny Titanium hue.

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Inferno, whose wings are constantly ablaze... His tail shoots out like a Harpoon, to pull his opponents into his hellish Blaze. As if that weren't enough, his black-mottled red feathers give him an almost Demonic appearance. Inferno is the chosen mount, and Newly Married Husband of Lady Safire.. Click here to learn more about her.

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ArrowWing, whose wings are as sharp as a razorblade, the Escape artist of the Phoenix Dragons, he can spin like a drill. quickly tunneling through solid rock.. His tail has a set of sharp blades to aid in drilling, as well as serve as a razor-edged whip. His feathers are the color of black steel, except along the edge of his wings, which maintain a shiny steel sheen from his constantly preening and sharpening them. ArrowWing's dream is to be the Dragon Mount for the former Captain of the Arangoth Army, Lysira. He often chooses missions that take him to other lands, as he seeks her out since her departure from Arangoth. Click here to visit ArrowWing's Laboratory

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Dante, the Hothead of the Phoenix Dragons, is a frightening spectacle to look upon, with flames constantly flickering from his mouth. His tail flanges out into a battle-axe, effective against Dragon riders. His feathers are of a brick red hue, which goes well with his hot temper and literally flaming remarks. To say his bark is worse than his bite is putting things rather mildly.

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Hades, the Youngest of the Phoenix Dragons, is, unusually, blood-red in color due to his ability to seed a cloud into a firestorm. he is the quietest of the Phoenix Dragons, as well as the most calm in any situation. Also, being the youngest, he is also the smallest in size. That, however, means little when he retains the power to reduce entire armies to ash.

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The above five Phoenix Dragons: Titanus, Hades, Inferno, ArrowWing, and Dante all share a common core ability; That ability being to combine the mechanics of their bodies into a Gestahlt whole named "Avatar". This form bears a Resemblance to Tiamat, the 5 headed Dragon form of the Goddess Takhisis, but instead bears the five heads of the Phoenix Dragons themselves. The wings of Avatar bear the traits of the 5 Brethern, most notably the Curved blade feathers of ArrowWing, and the flames of Inferno, making this United whole an Intimidating spectacle to behold on the battlefield, should the situation become dire enough to call upon this Collossal Construct.

FyreStorm is the Newest of the Phoenix Dragons. His body is covered with Jet-black feathers, with a bright red Mowhawk of feathers running from his head down along his spine. Unlike his brothers, FyreStorm can shift form at will, his Dragon body becoming humanoid armor for his phoenix within, the results resembling a Kenku, or man-bird with a Dragon head for one hand. This allows him extended versatility in battle. He currently resides in hiding with his Lover, Jenica, a ranger with a haunted past, and their baby daughter, Kiera.

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All of the Phoenix Dragons breathe a stream of Blazing, or unignited napalm as their breath weapon. A subtle sign that their origins are not natural.

Apart from the Phoenix Dragons arises a new breed of Servant and Guardian to the people of the Arangoth Realm, and its surrounding allied lands. The first of these servants is a Golemnic Dragon named WarWing. Powered and supported by a union of Magic, Technology, and Science, WarWing exists to serve as a dedicated protector, continuing to uphold the now-Traditional alliance set between the late Simon Horus Phoenix, and King BlkDragon and Queen AngelSin. His personality may very well seem cold, but his dedication is unwavering, and he is sincere in all he does. Unfortunately, having self-released prior to full completion, he addresses all he meets as either "Royalty", "Royalty Servant", "Citizen of the Royalty", or whatever relation to Royalty applies. Anyone found violating the Laws or Peace of the Realm is registered as a "Known Hostile", regardless of the level of the offense.

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One of the most Important people in Simon's life, is a long-time friend from RhyDin, a young lady from the Isle of Yester by the name of FireIce. There was nothing She would not do to come to Simon's aid, and likewise, there was almost nothing that could stop Simon from coming to hers, until the day she passed away in his arms, having sacrificed herself to allow Simon to retain Guardianship in Arangoth. The tomb prepared for her was the very Castle hidden deep within a volcano, where, he hoped, she would be safe for all time.

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At one point in Simon's life, Viskaya was taken from him by a Half-orc mage, stricken with Cancer, who demanded Simon grant him eternal life, or lose the Lady and children he held so dear... Knowing the mage would never release her, no matter how many requests Simon granted, He sought out help from among his friends in Arangoth... It was a Stranger, a thief named Sharazade, who came to his aid, and planted the seeds of orcus's imprisonment, Allowing Simon and Mystify to free his wife. In repayment, Simon granted Sharazade the eternal protection of him and his forces. A question always tugs at him, though, as to why one such as Sharazade would come to his aid?

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Outside of his forces are other beings of curious nature and appearance. One of these is Arachtor, an Herbalist of the Arachnian race, whose members are a 4-armed, 4-legged, 8-eyed cross between human, scorpion, and spider, with long scorpion tails, and chitinous shells for outer skin. They speak in hissing voices due to their multi-jawed mouths.

Elsewhere in the land is a lone gypsy seeking a clan to belong with. He goes by the name Tarot, so named for the enchanted tarot cards he carries, each of which bestow their fortune, or misfortune upon whoever Tarot touches with them, or points them at. He is a basically quiet man, with want for nothing more than a peaceful life.

Recently rediscovered is a Poignant figure in Simon's life, his Half-brother, Alistair Set Anhur Phoenix. Alistair was not forgotten, but rather unfortunately wiped from the family ledgers due to his current nature. Beecause of Simon's father, his Human mother held extended longevity over several hundred years. Knowing that Simon and the rest of the Phoenecians would soon depart from the world, she beseeched her then Husband's and son's blessings for her to Marry again to a Human, so as to have a progeny to carry on her Family on Earth. Understanding her needs all too well, the blessing was given, and the new father agreed to allow his son to keep the Phoenix name, as well as the name of his givren family, Anhur, who long assisted the Anhur branch of the Phoenix clan in Military defense.

Alistair was born Alistair Anhur Phoenix, and in his initial years, grew up, quite literally, under Simon's protective wing. He understood well why his half-brother had to depart, and looked forward to the chance to stretch his own legs.

Around that time, the Vampire wars has spread to earth, and one in particular, Simon's Arch-nemesis Elrani Blackthorne, had partaken in the initial Terran assault. Alistair understood the risks of joining in the defense, but was not about to stand aside while others fought in his place. He was the last one of the humans to survive the asault, and came face to face with Elrani himself. Elrrani was no straner to underhanded tactics, in fact he lived for them it seems. In an act that would enrage both Kindred and Phoenecians alike, Elrani caoptured Alistair, and drained his blood to within the pivotal inch of his life, beyond the point of SImon's healing, but within that fatful point that would make him Kindred, if Alistair chose to drink. Alistair chose instead a suicidal move, dropping away from Elrani to allow his Half-Brother to strike true, and drive Elrani from the battlefield. A sole, remainign Kindred whose name was Long-forgotten, took pity on Alistair's plight, and and managed to coerce a half-conscious Alistair to take the fateful drink which would render him Kindred.

Stricken with grief, Alistair's mother demanded his now Kindred sin's name be stricken from the Family. Her request fell on half-deaf ears, as Alistair had indeed forfeited all family bonds and inheritence, but woudl keep his name. However, as a Kindred, his name would also be forever marked as he was, by adding the name Set, the Darkness. Such a name would place him at risk with Kindred, Humans, and Phoenecians. He went into hiding and seclusion, feeding on wildlife to sustain himself, and giving the meat left over to the poor, the last Vestige of Humanity left within him. This has resulted in him having a few senses above those of human, and tweaked with his new Kindred nature.

Alistair now seeks to settle his past, awaiting the day when Elrani returnd to Earth, so he can return the Injustice set upon him. He avoids his own Destruction where he can, so he can live ot see the day when Elrani falls dead at his feet, at which time he would happily accept his own demise, even if he is condemned to Death Eternal... For, as he says: "If Death Eternal is what awaits me, I will Meet it with Open Arms knowing that None others will Suffer as I have."

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