The Rogue's Gallery of Phoenix Castle

Listing of Known Criminals To The Arangoth and Phoenecian Populous

In the Rogue's Gallery, one of the most powerful is Leareth, an Evil Force who is the complete opposite of who Simon is... Some believe that Leareth was born to the Darkness the same day Simon was born. The 2 are forever locked in battle, though Leareth tends to start the fights.

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Another threat to the Innocent is the Werewolf called NyteRage. He tends to travel in mainly his wolf form, saving his original human self for those times where black fur and corinthian eyes would stand out. His armor is a record of his battles, as it bears patches of skins, and other Lycanthropes he has beaten. His favorite prey, which is also his dark secret, happens to be young children, cubs, anyone who happens to wander wander from their parents. He is the unknown cause for many a disappearance.

A recent newcomer and threat to the Populous is a truly Despicable Serial Molester, And possibly Murderer who goes by the name of Kafka. He has a truly intimidating tendency to attack his victims in secret, then wipe the victim's memory of his attack on them, often in a brutal manner. He is apparently quite meticulous with leaving no trace of his having been with the victim at the attack, making it difficult, if not Impossible to verify, or even find any Evidence against him. His origins are uncertain, but he has quickly gained a reputation for being an Evil who is better off left alone than dealt with, as several, who have hunted him down apparently discovered, as all who have managed to catch up with him have just as abruptly ended all efforts to seek him further.

UPDATE: Kafka, recently, has seemingly vanished from the realm, though Rumor control states that he still walks among the people, after having undergone an allegedly unexpected change in gender. As soon as it can be confirmed, a new sketch of Kafka will be added to the Dungeon so the People may be able to identify this threat to the safety of the realm of Arangoth.

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Perhaps Simon's greatest Nemesis are the sons of Chaos, Elrani and Arieth Blackthorne. Elrani is the more active of the two, constantly seeking to bring Simon under his power and Control. Elrani believes the Universe is his to do with as he pleases, and behaves as such.

UPDATE: An unexpected development has occurred, where Simon may have finally gained the long-awaited victory he has needed over this dark Nemesis of all, as the Creator of All has once again shown who is Really in control, by allowing Simon to unknowingly set the stage for Elrani's and Arieth's inevitable downfall.The details of how will remain undisclosed, as the final Battle has yet to occur between the Guardian of Light, and the Sons of Chaos and Night.

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